I don’t know why some people think wrapping Christmas gifts is such a chore, I love it. I think I like wrapping gifts much better than unwrapping, a wrapped gift has so much possibility.

This week Emma had her first Christmas market at school where she could go and buy gifts for family and friends with her own money (well the money I gave her), and surprisingly she was very thoughtful and really considered what the giftees would like.

She couldn’t wait to wrap them, which made me happy because hopefully she will discover the joys of gift wrapping and enjoy it for years to come.

We wrapped lots of tiny little parcels using the leftovers of last year’s Christmas wrap. (All except for a scarf which is absolutely, definitely not for me, but apparently for someone else who lives in this house that isn’t Dad. I’ll act surprised because she’ll be delighted that she kept such a great secret.)

So for this year’s gifts, rather than going out to buy new wrapping paper, I was inspired to use materials we already had at home and we chose our favourite superstar to be our featured motif – Mickey Mouse!

No fancy stamps or templates required for this project, with just a potato and a carrot you can have fun stamping Mickey Mouse onto as much wrapping paper as you need. This is a super fun project for kids to do with just minimal guidance, it may get a bit messy but that’s half the fun. DIY Mickey Mouse Potato Print Christmas Wrapping Paper. More information. DIY Mickey Mouse Potato Print Christmas Wrapping Paper My Poppet Makes.

You will need:

  • Paper – sheets or on a roll
  • Potato medium size
  • Carrot
  • Round cookie cutter
  • Acrylic paint – we’ve gone with classic Christmas colours, red, green and gold.
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Plate
  • Damp Cloth and dry cloth
  • A few heavy times to act as weights
  • Star stickers (optional)

How To Make It

  1. Print out the Mickey Mouse template, and out the smallest silhouette.
  2. Take your potato and slice it in half horizontally.
  3. Place your Mickey Mouse template on one of the potato halves, and carve out the potato around the template. …
  4. Using your paintbrush, paint the Mickey imprint, and get to stamping!

1. The potato and half and end off carrot.

2. Use cookie cutter to a round circle into potato half, then with away excess potato leaving a neat circle shape.

3. Roll out paper on a large table, use heavy items to weight the edges to stop rolling up.

4. Dry surface of potato with a cloth and dab on paint to circle shape.

5. Stamp onto paper, the large circle will be Mickey Mouse’s face.

6. Use carrot to stamp on Mickey’s ears.

7. Repeat with assorted colours making sure you wipe off previous paint colour from stamps with a damp cloth.

8. Once you are done leave to dry fully.

All done! Now you’ve created your own Junior inspired Christmas wrapping paper that will look very special under the tree.

Wrap up your gifts and add co-ordinating ribbons and star stickers to make the presents look extra fancy.

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